Breathe, Take Your Time, Find Your Feet!

Oct 7, 2021 | Starting Out

When we first started two years ago, we bought a big expensive boxed curriculum, which worked well for us initially but as I found my feet, I discovered that it didn’t entirely meet our needs. So, now we’re into our third year and I’m beginning to “pick and mix” to find what suits us. Despite being a primary school teacher with 13 years experience, it took me a while to gain confidence and I wish I’d given myself a bit more time to just see what home-education would look like for us. My husband still works in a primary school and it can be a temptation at times to compare our children’s progress with their schooled peers.

My top tip would be: Breathe! Take your time. Find your feet.

Story shared by Deborah and uploaded by Streams.


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