Disco Unschooling Course and Circle Unschooling Coaching Membership

Sep 23, 2021 | General (Reviews)

Disco and Circle are what every unschooling parent has been waiting for. Lucy Aitken Reed pours all her real life experience, learning and expertise as a coach and mentor into these courses and community.

Disco is a great course which covers consent, autonomy, respectful parenting and self directed learning, what it is and how to create a learning environment where the whole families learning needs can be met.

Circle provides ongoing community with other families and more specific coaching support. It’s full of compassion, experience, support, play and nurtures self love, acceptance and joy. It’s brought transformation and joy into our home like nothing else. It’s a wonderful space, full of fun and super empowering.

Review written by Essie and submitted by Streams.

  • Parents
  • https://discolearning.com/
  • $97 US dollars and Circle is a monthly membership with 3 payment options
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