Meet the Advisory Board

Our advisory board are pioneers in education and experts in innovation and building strong teams. Our advisors keep us informed on trends in education, share fresh ideas and help us to develop our national and global presence.


Leah Boden

Modern Miss Mason

Leah Boden is wife to Dave, mother to four children, and long-time home educator. With over two decades of experience in church leadership, Leah’s working background also featured many years in youth, children’s, and family work for her local LEA; she worked with children, and their families who were on the verge of exclusion from the school system. Currently her life and education focuses on the practice and pedagogy of early 20th Century educator Charlotte Mason. Leah leads the Charlotte Mason Conversations, UK community as well as being the founder of Modern Miss Mason, an international initiative to help parents, and children find their freedom in the philosophy. She writes, speaks, podcasts, hosts coaching sessions, and runs workshops sharing the beauty of a Charlotte Mason approach to childhood, motherhood, and education. Leah is signed with Tyndale Publishing to write the book “Modern Miss Mason”, launching January 2023.


Rebecca Chambers


Rebecca has been an educator for over 17 years in the public education system in Ottawa, Canada.  Over the past 10 years she has been researching and experimenting with new ways of delivering curriculum that reflects the ever-changing modern world.  In April 2020 she launched an extracurricular program for youth (ages 10 – 13) called the Social Change Makers program. Students learnt about their strengths, passions and motivators and then paired them in co-creating projects that gave back to the community.  In September of 2020 she opened a virtual private school called R.I.S.E. (Reach, Inspire, Soar & Empower) Academy where high school aged youth use the Social Change Maker model and gain credits that go towards their high school graduation diploma.  Although her courses are accredited by the Ministry of Education, her approach to learning is very similar to the philosophy of home ed.


Will James


Working with leaders and teams in the ‘for purpose’ sector Will draws on his experience of leadership in commercial, charity and church settings to help people “change the world for good” through his coaching business Sanamente. In today’s complex and rapidly changing environment, coaching is the most effective way that Will has found to partner with people to unlock learning, giving them the safety, encouragement, energy and stretch to take risks and develop their potential.


Charlie Widdows


The thread that runs through Charlie’s career – from teaching, to co-founding his innovation management start-up, Solverboard – is a passion for helping people realise their true potential. Whether it was teaching Year 9 pupils about the Vikings or helping enterprise innovators prove the value of their transformation programmes, his goal is to provide the tools and information for the journey to making people great at what they’re already good at. He’s recently got to practice this ethos closer to home, as he and his wife have begun their own home learning adventure with their daughter.