Streams is an online membership community.

In this first phase, membership is simply signing up for our newsletter and/or providing an e-mail address to submit stories/reviews.

(When you sign up for the first time, you may need to check your “spam” folder for the activation email)

As we develop Streams there will be two types of membership:

1. Free

    • Access to all reviews and stories, some webinars, all blogs and regular newsletter.

2. Member Plus*

    • Access to all webinars
    • Connection with other members and ‘find a friend’ service
    • Access to available discounts
    • Access to mentoring
    • Discounts** on home ed events.

*Available for a small monthly fee only following completion of next phase of Streams website development.

**Many providers already offer group discounts and we are actively capturing this opportunity for our members.

The fee will enable Streams to continue to develop a high standard and continue to be a rich resource for everyone.

How we fit with online community platforms like Facebook.

Online platforms like Facebook are playing an integral role in the building of many Home Ed communities in the UK. We are grateful for the hard work of administrators in these groups who enable them to be an important source of information and facilitate community. Streams is not a replacement for these spaces, but works with them to help the Home Ed community to thrive. Visit the Streams Facebook page.