Our Story

Streams was born in 2020 when Juliet and Jo were introduced by a mutual contact –  ‘You guys should connect and share visions they are so similar!’

At this time, Matt, Jo and Sian were home educating their children together, and therefore shared the vision for a place where home educators could connect, encourage each other, find resources and share their stories.

Juliet has long had a vision of an online community of home educators. She has built a local home education community in the Coventry area and has run the Learn Free conference for ten years. She now dreams of a global community with the same values. Jo took her children out of traditional school in 2017, but while she felt liberated, she also felt overwhelmed by the responsibility of her children’s education and the many choices she faced. Her own journey of finding community and resources led her to realise that there was an opportunity to draw people together to support each other in this space.

With Matt and Sian, Juliet and Jo have turned their joint vision into Streams: an online community of home educators to encourage and equip each other. Streams is ever-evolving but our values of courage, integrity and community will never change. We invite you to co-create Streams with us – every journey is better together.



Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

Theodore Roosevelt